Biosecurity solutions
for ruminant farms

Effective biosecurity is vital to disease prevention and maintaining the stability of farms.

Ensure the best possible performance, welfare and profitability by choosing the right biosecurity partner.

What do we provide?

Coventry Chemicals has over 30 years’ experience in the development and use of cleaning and disinfection products for agriculture and its related industries. We continuously work to ensure our solutions meet the needs of modern farming practice both now and in the future.

What do we cover?

Whether you are a cattle, dairy, sheep or goat producer, raising livestock indoors or in open field, our range is specifically formulated to meet your needs and help you overcome the challenge presented by disease causing organisms in all areas of ruminant production.

What are the problems?

Maintaining good biosecurity on farm poses several unique challenges

  • All in and All out is often not possible
  • Limited choice of products for some critical areas
  • Maintaining biosecurity around calving time when animals are at their most vulnerable to infection
  • Known and unknown diseases
  • Increasing pressure to minimise antibiotic use

How can we help?

At Coventry Chemicals we can provide the right solutions and expert advice to maintain and improve biosecurity in the broiler, layer, breeder, processing and hatchery sectors. Contact us today.

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