Virucidal WP™

Virucidal WP™ – fast acting powder disinfectant

Virucidal WP™ is a powerful broad spectrum disinfectant effective against virus, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi and moulds. Based on a stabilised blend of peroxygen compounds with surfactant, organic acid and a buffer. Virucidal WP™ is a versatile disinfectant for use on all surfaced, equipment and water systems, aerial fogging and foot and wheel baths.

  • Can be used in the presence of animals
  • Defra approved for FMD, SVD, Poultry & General Orders
  • Dissolves rapidly
  • Effective in hot or cold conditions
  • Pleasant citrus odour
  • Effective against African Swine Fever
  • 5kg & 10kg

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Biosecurity applications

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