Horticide™ – For Complete Horticulture Biosecurity

Horticide™ is an independently tested and approved disinfectant for sterilising horticultural and fruit growing buildings, glasshouses, equipment and transport containers. HorticideTM is currently used in greenhouses that grow tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms and many other fruit and vegetables.

Horticide™ is a powerful broad spectrum disinfectant for applying to all surfaces and equipment. It can be applied by a course spray through a washer at low pressure or knapsack sprayer.

It is important to clean and disinfect green houses between crops to minimise the risk of cross contamination from crop to crop. All plants, compost and movable equipment should be removed. Water pipes including hoses should be drained and disinfected before re use to remove all biofilms.

  • Tested against many plant disorders including PSVd, pepino mosaic virus, verticillium disorders and pseudomonas
  • No re-entry restrictions for hard surface use
  • Cost-effective use rates
  • Good wetting agent
  • Long residual action
  • Biodegradable
  • 5 ltr, 25 ltr, 200 ltr and 1000 ltr

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