We understand that cleanliness in all areas is vital for our health, but above all in washrooms and other sanitary areas. Our wide range of quality washroom products, including surface cleaners, disinfectants, toilet cleaners and bleach, will keep your surfaces sparkling and germ free. Complimented by a range of hand soaps to keep hands hygienically clean.

To clean and deodorise all washroom fittings we have our germicidal washroom cleaners.  This effective bathroom cleaner removes soap scum, mould, mildew, dirt and bacteria from around sinks and basins.

Our toilet cleaners are manufactured to allow any cleaner to quickly and easily transform their toilet cubicles and urinals and make them sparkling clean and much more hygienic. From toilet cleaners which can be used  to reinvigorate toilets with a refreshing scent while eliminating stains and marks, to powerful bactericidal cleaners which provide reliable performance thus eliminating standard germs and removing lime scale and staining.

Bleach is general purpose bleach which provides good cleaning and disinfecting power.  Bleaches have strong bactericidal properties, and are popular for disinfecting and sterilizing.  This bleach is ideal for the sterilization of toilets, hard surfaces and drains.

The ranges of disinfectants we provide are specially formulated to eradicate unpleasant odours, leaving a fresh pine, lemon or floral fragrance. Use as a general disinfectant for floors, walls and drains

Our soaps are formulated for general use but with emulsifying powers for grease and grime removal.

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