Omnicide is used to disinfect tools, knives, storage equipment and environments in:


Banana plantations

Tomato houses (glass and plastic)

Cucumber houses (glass and plastic)

Mushroom houses



Omnicide at a dilution of 1:25 is effective in preventing the growth of Pseudomonas solanacearum even in the presence of banana sap.

Pseudomonas solanacearum causes Moko disease in banana trees. The disease is carried from infected trees to healthy trees on knives used to cut down banana bunches.

Omnicide is not corrosive when diluted. It will not blunt knives or corrode any tools used to harvest the bananas.


Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Omnicide at a dilution or 1:100 will destroy virus, bacteria, algae and fungal spores surviving in the environment or on tools and equipment used by commercial tomato and cucumber growers. Virus diseases survive particularly well in stem sap and crushed fruit.


Omnicide will destroy:




Verticillium Wilt

Tomato Pepino Virus

Cucumber Mozaic Virus


Omnicide should be used to wash all storage boxes and utensils. The interiors of the growing houses should be sprayed with a knapsack sprayer taking attention to cover the walls, ceilings and floors. Houses may be thermal fogged at a dilution of 1:4 before planting.


In trials on tomato plants at the 5 true leaf stage, no evidence of phytotoxicity in stem, foliage or root development was shown when Omnicide was used to disinfect pots, without rinsing, at 1:100 dilution. 


No signs of phytotoxicity were seen when 100 ml at 1:400 dilution was applied to the root drench. A root drench of 200ml at 1:100 dilution resulted in a number of contra symptoms but the treatment was not fatal.



Omnicide must be used to disinfect Mushroom houses prior to the introduction of new spawn. Omnicide will control;

Saprophytic nematodes

Pseudomonas tolassi

Verticillium fungicola

Mycogone perniciosa

Hypomyces rosellas

Agaricus bisporus


For general disinfection use Omnicide at 1:150 dilution. Use the more concentrated dilution of 1:50 if contamination has been an issue with the previous crop.


Beds can be drenched with a solution of 1:200 before emptying. Empty houses and tunnels can be fogged using Omnicide at the dilution of 1:4.


Use Omnicide at 1:50 dilution to disinfect tools, equipment and storage boxes. Rinse the equipment after disinfection with clean water.


Use Omnicide in footbaths at a dilution of 1:100. Change the solution twice a week (or more often if it gets dirty). Spray concrete paths at a dilution of 1:150.

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