Ducks, Guinea Fowl etc

Ducks are susceptible to many avian diseases but two new diseases are impacting global duck production.


1/. Duck Egg Drop syndrome


Duck Egg Drop sysndrome is caused by the BYD virus. The BYD virus is a new Tembuso related Flavivirus which is a Lipophilic RNA virus. In tests Omnicide has shown complete destruction of other Lipophilic RNA virus at a dilution of 1:200.


2/. Infectious Seratosis


Infectious Seratosis is caused by Riemerella anatipestifer, a gram negative bacteria. Omnicide should be used at a dilution of 1:150 to kill this gram- bacteria.


Other important diseases found in intensive duck production are;


Avian influenza                                                 orthomyxovirus

Fowl cholera                                                      pasteurella multocida

Duck hepatitis                                                   hepadnavirus

Duck plague – viral enteritis                        herpesvirus

Derzsy’s disease                                               parvovirus





See the disease pathogen control chart for comprehensive information on specific disease identity and Omnicide dilution rates.

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